Video Blog 11 – Windsor Castle, UK

Video Transcript

Kristina: Hi! We’re at Windsor Castle which, I don’t know how far it is from London but a £40 Uber trip to get here, and I’m here with my Cody, Jenna’s Cody, and Jenna, and it’s huge and beautiful. They’re totally ditching me right now. So, there’s no photography allowed inside, but it was really ornate and that’s where the queen stays which I didn’t know that, and there was a fire in 1992 that destroyed a bunch of sh…a bunch of stuff that they just replaced. Any comments?

Cody: What?

Kristina: Guess not.

Jenna: The church is beautiful! Oh man.

Kristina: It was beautiful and it’s huge. ‘Tis the church.

Cody: Aww, that’s just mean.

Thank you for watching.