Hiking to Lake Serene | WA, USA

Video Transcript

Kristina: Ok, so we’re doing Lake Serene hike today, it’s about 3-4 miles and I’m with Trish and Janelle and Chloe! There’s Chloe! And then Beau’s here but he went to go pay for parking. So we’ll show you our adventures from today.

Kristina: We’re almost there, but we’re exhausted and knackered, as the British would say. Completely knackered. But here’s a view.

And now…Lake Serene.

Kristina: We’re heading back down. Hopefully it’s not too dark by the time we get to the bottom. And if we die, you have my video recordings of what happened.

Janelle: Exactly!

Note: Conditions were too dangerous to film our descent.

Kristina: It’s 5:23pm, we made it to the bottom! Woohoo! It’s a strenuous hike. Not recommended for anyone who has not trained for this because we’re gonna be dead tomorrow. But we’re alive.

…I did not feel alive the next day.


Music By: “Three Dark Days” by Welshly Arms

Special Thanks to Beau Johnson for the “Chloe Cam”! Follow Chloe on Instagram @adventuresofthedizzle

Thank you for watching!