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Where to Uncork? Tasting Wine at Humble Vine

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Isabella Foxen

Humble Vine

is not just your everyday wine shop – it’s a club!

Washington wine is something that everyone should experience. Yet here in Washington most places highlight wineries from California to Paris and seem to skimp on Washington wines. Humble Vine does the opposite. Humble Vine highlights Washington wines while still stocking up on wines from all over the world.

Right in the middle of Burien lies Humble Vine, a wine store that emphasizes Washington wines and brings the community together. Humble Vine used to be an old bookstore and is filled with lots of memories, new and old. When you walk into the store you’ll see gorgeous blackboards and paneling that was made from the old bookshelves that used to line the walls. Standing in front of those walls now are the owners who are extremely knowledgeable and love to teach the community about all types of wine. I highly recommend stopping in and finding a new favorite wine for the summer. For me, my go-to summer wine is always a nice rosé. But if a rosé isn’t for you, I’m sure the owners will love to find something that works for you. Plus if wine isn’t for you, they do have a few beers that you can stock up on as well! Truly something for everyone.

Humble Vine is more than just a wine store, it’s a place for the locals to unwind. Keep an eye out for Humble Vine’s wine tastings by joining their wine club to help you learn more about what wines you might enjoy. When you join humble Vine’s club or even just step into their store you’ll immediately recognize that this isn’t just your everyday wine store. Wine stores can be intimidating at first. But Humble Vine’s friendly owners help to make wine a fun experience for anyone who enters the store.  Their enthusiasm for wine and the Burien community is infectious and a great reason to come to the store if the wine wasn’t already enough. Even if you aren’t looking to buy a bottle that day, stopping in to say hello will definitely help to make your day even better!

With the summer nearly here and the weather as beautiful as ever, a walk to Humble Vine would be the perfect experience any day of the week. There’s always a friendly face to say hello to and a bottle of wine waiting to go home with. Humble Vine is exactly what every community needs and Burien is lucky to have an amazing store with owners who care about the community they live in.
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