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Find Your Flow! Experience Yoga at Hot Feet Fitness

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Isabella Foxen

Hot Feet Fitness

is more than just a yoga class, it’s a community.

Hot Feet Fitness is a yoga studio community-filled with classes for everyone at any yoga level. This yoga studio has a full list of classes from beginner’s yoga to even mommy and me yoga! When I first began yoga I didn’t know where to begin, the whole concept was completely foreign to me. Especially when it came to introducing the “hot” part of the yoga regimen. However, Hot Feet Fitness helps to make the process easy and comfortable for everyone.


The best part is that Hot Feet Fitness truly works to make sure that everyone is comfortable and in a safe position when participating in one of the classes. So, if you’re like me and worried you’ll be flailing about the studio – have no fear! The instructors will make sure that you’re in the right position and practicing yoga correctly.

Additionally, Hot Feet Fitness is non-competitive and completely supportive of everyone’s levels. If a certain position is a little too much for you, then taking a step back, or even just going into child’s pose is perfectly okay and even encouraged.

When I tried a class, the hardest part for me was trying to just clear my mind. But once I got in the zone, I didn’t want the session to end. When it was announced that the class had ended, I was disappointed it couldn’t continue. I’m already looking forward to the next time I can go. Maybe I can even work my way up the class difficulty level!

So if you’re ever looking for an affordable workout that both strengthens your muscles and relaxes your mind definitely check out Hot Feet Fitness. There’s something for everyone!

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