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Behind the Scenes at Kardiel!

Video Transcript

Video Transcript

Lindsey: Hi, I’m Lindsey.

Darren: Hi, my name is Darren Langston.

Ravyn: Hi, my name is Ravyn.

Jonathan: Hi my name is Jonathan Lee.

Alexa: Hey, I’m Alexa.

Keith: Hi, I’m Keith Vowell.

Martin: Hi, my name is Martin Sanks.

Micah: Hi guys, I’m Micah.

Nadira: Hi everybody, this is Nadira.

Lindsey: And, I am a fashion designer. I actually created this ensemble.

Darren: I am the model here at this shoot.

Alexa: I am always the designated pretend wife or girlfriend of Darren.

Nadira: I am doing a photo shoot today at Kardiel with Bozanich Photography.

Keith: I am an actor, model, executive producer.

Micah: I am modeling today at Kardiel.

Martin: I’ve never really done modeling before, but this is kind of a first time go at it, and I am really excited to get started.

Micah: Follow my Instagram @MICAHMOOREMODEL

Lindsey: Follow me on Instagram @MSLENZYMARIE

Martin: If you want to follow me, it’s @MARTANKS

Keith: I’m on Instagram as @KEITH_VOWELL and on Facebook as Keith Vowell.

Ravyn: You can find as @KALEO_RAV3 on Instagram

Darren: If you want to follow my Instagram @__DLANG__ you can see more photos.

Nadira: If you want to follow me on Instagram, go ahead and follow @SINCERELY_NADIRA

Jonathan: My Instagram is @JL_MAGICK and you’ll see more from me quickly!

Ravyn: I just want to say you never realize how much crap you have until you change for a shoot.

Keith: …you part of this as well?

Kristina: It’s a behind the scenes video.

Alexa: Hope you had fun!

Nadira: I got all confused! [laughter]