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Video Blog 2 – Where We Live

Video Transcript

Kristina: Ok, hello! This is my second video blog and I’m just gonna show where we live and this is the backside of our place which is right next to the park. And it’s raining, clearly, and let me show you the side. And we’re right next to the real estate office or “Estate Agent” office, which owns where we live, which is right above Chancellor’s Road, and this is how we get in every day. So it’s about to get very dark. And this is the hallway. We have many, many flights of stairs. Ok, so this is the kitchen and there is quite a bit of space. Microwave, toaster, sink, oven, stovetop, cabinets, and lovely table, and then this is where we all do our laundry. Washer, dryer, preview of the park. And we go upstairs, another step, and another flight is our bathroom, which, the bathroom is the worst part, not the best. Toilet number one with a small basin, and then this is the general bathroom which we all hang our stuff, and then that’s our shower. And go back downstairs to our room. Our lovely welcome monster, and this is our room! So, Cody’s got some nice comic book art here and I’ve got my girly section, my candle. This is our bed, couch, Cody’s desk station, my desk station, fridge, table, and then TV. This is our view of Fulham Palace Road. This is the best view right here, you get to see all of the police cars, ambulances, and busy, busy people walking across the street, so. And this is where all our stuff is, so, kinda small compared to back home but not bad, and, so yeah! So that’s where we live and I hope that it’s given some perspective. We pay over $1,000 a month for one room, but that’s London. What can I say? Alright, peace out!

Thanks for watching.