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Video Blog 14 – We Moved to London (Again)

Video Transcript

Kristina: Ok, so we have finally moved back to London after being in Japan for three months. We’re happy to be back and we have finally settled in after a week. We live in Fulham now and this is our street. Lovely, lovely! Come on in! This is the entryway, and Alex and Eloise live above us. Welcome to our apartment! Our living room -I’ve just made a full plate of cookies, so it smells wonderful in here. We also have…

Cody: Beer.

Kristina: Cody’s entertainment section, his beer.

Cody: Now it’s gone.

Kristina: (laughs) And this is where I do my schoolwork. We have our memories from Japan on the wall. Over here is our bedroom, and I have my own makeup area and vanity mirror, which is nice, and we have lots of storage, and we each have bedside tables which is something we didn’t have before. Down this way is the kitchen and the bathroom. We’ve got all our food, we’ve got a BIG fridge this time. Lots of cooking space which is so much better than Japan. We had (indicates with hands) this much cooking space before, so this is an improvement. And here is our bathroom. We have our washer. Our washer’s a bit different. It loads like this and it spins this way, so the washer actually moves if you put it on too fast of a spin cycle, but we dry all of our clothes in here. We have a garden and we’re having a barbecue today! So Cody’s getting the grill ready, we’ve got the table ready, and this is our new home for 3 ½ months until October when we go back to the States, so thanks for watching!

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