Tux Update: Part 1

We gave Tux to Vicki, who is one of the club leaders for Eyes for Tomorrow, on August 30, 2015.  Vicki says that Tux is a gentleman! He goes everywhere with her – to work, the store, eating out, and guide dog activities. We are hearing word of how quickly he is growing up – he’s losing his puppy look and getting the adult face and body size.

In picture: “Have a great trip! – Love Tux.   P.S. Grandma is tough”

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Our first message from Tux! The note says “Bring me home something besides a hat!!”

Apparently Tux has changed his favorite sport and sports team to soccer’s San Jose Quakes. We deny any truth to this.

Tux loves his buddy, Brogan! We all just found out that Brogan is Tux’s second cousin.

Tux has always been such a cuddler… we certainly miss his cuddling, but not the snoring in the middle of the night.

Tux’s Weakness: Vicki’s grandson has an alligator toy that Tux THINKS is his.