New Job, New Carpet, New Man.

New Job

Last month, Tux began his new job with me at the City of Reno’s Senior Services.  He’s become the Senior Services mascot and the “office dog” that everyone comes to visit!

Tux fits very well into the workplace here at the Evelyn Mount Northeast Community Center. In fact, he loves visiting our best friend, Jenna, in her office to help her with some of work.

My boss was so nice to bring a dog bed for Tux to have in the office! However, Tux became so excited… he just couldn’t hide it.

Tux brings a smile to my coworkers’ and customers’ faces! They love having him visit to the various senior events.  Check out Tux’s “derpy” face in one of the pics below.

New Carpet

For the past couple of weeks, our house has completed some major renovations before it goes on the market.  Because of Tux’s incident last month, the carpet was replaced. Tux seems pretty content with the new carpet.  As for us, we do appreciate the lack of two gaping holes in our stairway now.

New Man

Now that it is coming nearer and nearer to our departure date, we finally know when Tux will have to transfer homes to complete his training.  Luckily, we’ll be able to keep him until the end of August – just before we leave! Overall, Cody and I are so grateful to have had Tux in our lives since March. He is such a joy and wonderful companion. We will miss him dearly, but we hope that he will fulfill his greater purpose as a Guide Dog for the Blind.